Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Web Teknes can keep your business visible! How it will be possible? Yes, it is this valid fact that most of the site owners do not have this single hand amount of knowledge that how they can well make their business line prominent in the market, they do not have this idea that how they can make their product lines prominent in the market, we know the issue with you and the issue is that all of you do not all know the importance and vitality of email marketing. If you will be making a contact with Web Teknes then we can fully let you know that how you can get done with these email marketing services and what role these services can play in flourishing your business line.

What Email Marketing Services We Can Offer You?

Web Teknes can make your business, your products and your site all evident in maximum of the email inboxes. We will also be showing your business line products on the social media.We be linking your site with the Facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus buttons, you will be able to get this chance of accessing campaigns from all kinds of tablets and smartphones. We will be providing you the services of the Email campaigns surveys, we will be letting your customers to give the feedback about your site and about your products easily, we will be offering and providing you the services of group email contacts, through this grouping of email contacts, you can well be able to organize the data of your new and old customers. We will be giving you the services so that you can automatically delete duplicate emails, services like image hosting, mobile ready templates, adding images, adding hyperlinks, creating plain text messages, creating HTML messages, creating auto response, creating surveys, email wizard will also be given by Web Teknes.

Creating Emails That Can Match Up With Your Site:

Yes, Web Teknes will also be creating that kinds of emails that will be having the exactly look of your site, in those emails, you can also insert the hyperlinks, pages, table lines, images and all the kinds of basic types of formatting features. We will too be giving you the services of the email testing, email job scheduling, spam test, we will be giving you all the enhanced and modified services in terms of the opened emails, forwarded emails, bounced emails, you will also get a chance to view unsubscribed contacts, you can also export and download the email reports. You can also well compare the email reports.

We know that email marketing services have their own position, these services cannot be neglected now! It is this section that can let us know the feedback of our customers, it is this section that can let us know who has emailed us most of the time and who is that customer that has stopped emailing us. You should make a contact with Web Teknes if you want to enjoy all these Web Teknes services.