About Us

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Web Teknes is that exclusive IT service providing company that has been in this sector since 2008, it has been since 2008 that we have been providing the services of domain registration, web designing, web redesigning, web hosting, email hosting, services of article writing, responsive web designing, quality web hosting, email marketing, social media marketing, 2D animation, 3D animations, services of printing and graphics. Offering services like SEO, web development and also web maintenance are our key priorities.

Problems Faced By You- Solutions Given By Us:

Many of the business people face the problems, they might also make these mistakes of coming up with bad website design, they have poor content on their site, they do not know the golden rules of content management, they are not known by this fact better and unique content can improve their rating. Many of the people also do not have the idea about the email hosting and email marketing, they totally neglect this section. They also neglect the power of social media marketing without knowing the stats that 80% of the people now access the internet through tablets and phones. Many of the sites also have dull prints and graphics, they do not have the catchy layout, the graphics and the design of this site is not that attractive and what these site owners get in hand, they get 0% traffic on their site. If you want to make your site to get it out from all these troubles then contact Web Teknes, we will be letting your site to come out from these spiderweb problems.

Our Specializations:

Web Teknes specialize in web development, Branding designing, we offer customized web applications, we offer software development, eCommerce Solutions, we give our clients best SEO Services, we also offerCMS(Content Management System) based solutions, like that of the Joomla and WordPress, we can give you the services of Website maintenance. We do have the training and specialization of almost 7 years and we are sure that you will be seeing this 7 years experience in our services.

Our Qualified Team:

We have vast experience in the web designing;we are trained in the Web development and also in the open source web development. We are specialized in the Drupal Web Development, Search Engine Optimization. We also offer Web Design Services, Web Development;we offer the services of Graphic Designing, Logo Designing, Website maintenance and also Web Development Services.

Now, it is your duty to contact with us, if you want to make yourself about the golden rules of this internet site world then Web Teknes will be teaching you those golden rules. We have a range of services, we have wide range of facilities that can give you! If you want your site to be the king of all the sites, if you want your site to be the ruling site then do try the services of Web Teknes. We will not let you down, it is the promise from us.